Save FlowBooks from vanishing into thin air.

For Saving FlowBooks' Micro Crowdfunding,
pls deposit to HSBC acc: 5717012487 LUMINUS

For credit cards payment, pls click the SIMPLY GIVING link:


Dear Flow-ers of FlowBooks,
Thank U Very Much for yr Love n Concern towards FlowBooks.
To save FlowBooks, we were granted a few days more by Sunday 21 May 2017, to raise fund to pay for part of the due to pay rent , n seek for the reopening of FlowBooks. We are proposing a micro-crowdfunding.
Donate $50 towards FlowBooks. And if there are 3000 book lovers to do so, that would be a miracle we make together to Save FlowBooks by this Sunday. Act Now!
We are happy to present U A FlowBook to express our gratitude once we FlowAgain. A FlowBook in name of U would be donated towards a FlowKids who want to read too. Thank U!

Your bookstore keeper at FlowBooks
17 May 2017